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When people think of the word “injury,” they usually think of physical injury like cuts and broken bones. We often fail to consider the other consequences of physical injury.  Anybody who has suffered a lasting physical injury or a loved one of an injured person has experienced other consequences that negatively impact life. Injuries cause job loss and can require thousands of dollars in medical treatment. Financial stress can cause anxiety and compromise relationships.

Pain causes to the inability to do life’s necessary and recreational activities. Inability to engage in activity causes isolation and lack of mobility. Isolation leads to anxiety and depression. It is our job to effectively communicate all of the consequences of injury to insurance companies and juries to make sure our clients a fully and fairly compensated.

Doubek, Pyfer & Storrar, PLLP are fatal accident lawyers in Helena, MT who’ve represented clients whose lives have been torn apart by terrible injuries and even deaths caused by negligence. These cases require a full-range of witnesses and evidence to fully demonstrate the tremendous consequences in such circumstances.

We work with medical people, economists, accountants, business evaluators, other expert witnesses, and demonstrative exhibits for a full presentation of the consequences of negligence.



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