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Every day we use products that were made and sold to us by corporations. The corporations are the experts about their own product and are in the best position to make sure the products they sell and profit by are safe. Because of this, the law holds corporations strictly liable for the consequences of unsafe products. In an effort to make sure products are safe, the law even holds the company that sold the product, even if it did not manufacture it, liable for the dangerous product it sold.Corporations do not like to admit that their products are unsafe and will fight tooth and nail against a person injured by an unsafe product. We have been involved in laws suits against Ford Motors, General Motors, pharmaceutical drug companies, medical device manufacturers, and many other product manufacturers. We have tried product liability cases to successful verdict for our clients.

Protecting Your Claim – Montana law sets limits on the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim. Consult an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible so your claim is filed within crucial statutory deadlines. Investigating your claim immediately helps ensure that valuable evidence remains available and witnesses’ memories remain fresh.

Personalized Legal Guidance – At Doubek, Pyfer & Storrar, PLLP in Helena, the client’s interests are the priority. Our attorneys provide personalized legal guidance at every step of your case, updating you on progress and fully informing you about the legal strategy & recovery options available.

A more comprehensive list of the kinds of product cases we have handled is outlined in the notable cases portion of our website.



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