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When people put themselves in the care of a doctor or medical facility, they must trust that the services will follow the rules that govern medicine and keep us safe. Many medical providers take these rules very seriously and earnestly desire a safe and good outcome for their patients. Some choose to violate medical rules that result in preventable injury to their patients. Doubek, Pyfer & Storrar, PLLP are medical malpractice lawyers in Helena, Montana who’ve represented many clients through the years in medical cases of all sorts, including hospital negligence, doctor negligence, specialist negligence, and drugs that have caused serious preventable injury. There are a variety of types medical malpractice and we have a broad-base of knowledge about standards involved and what must be done to prove the medical provider violated the standards, including retaining critical experts.

Doubek, Pyfer & Storrar, PLLP has handled medical malpractice cases in Montana involving the following matters:

  • Failure to adequately cauterize during routine colonoscopy
  • Failure to prevent surgical infection on knee arthroplasty
  • Failure to administer antibiotics to prevent hand wound infection
  • Administration of contraindicated medications
  • And other matters.

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Our attorneys consult with knowledgeable and respected experts to assist with case preparation. With the help of physicians, trauma doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, forensics engineers, mechanics and accident reconstruction analysts, we are able to negotiate the best possible settlements. At trial, these experts are available to deliver clear, professional testimony.



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