There are many excellent physicians at St. Peters Health. Some 10 days ago there was another such physician there, someone who had been rendering care to the sickest patients amongst us. That physician was Dr. Tom Weiner. He devoted his care to cancer patients at the hospital since 1996.
I have talked with several of Dr. Weiner’s patients, family member of patients and people concerned about the loss of oncology care at our local hospital. They have asked me to investigate this matter for their benefit. I am hopeful to find out what has occurred and pledged to my clients to keep them advised. Many have immediate and pressing medical needs. They are not all able to move their medical care out of town or to another doctor. Many have been harmed by these recent events.
My own father was a surgeon and one of the first ER doctors at St. Peters. My brother was an ER physician. My sister was the head of the local ER. My wife worked as an ER nurse here for 20 years. I feel a connection and desire to get to the bottom of all this. My clients deserve to know what has happened to their doctor and what will happen to their medical needs. Unfortunately, any one of us may incur the wrath of cancer, or some blood disorder. Therefore, I am committed to investigate this termination of Dr. Weiner.
I would ask ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY HAVE BEEN HARMED, OR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP, to please follow this link to our automated intake form. Fill it out and if you need anything else, please contact me at john[at] or feel free to call 406-442-7830.
-John Doubek, Attorney at Law